Top 10 Best Juicers Under $100 Reviews With Buying Guide

Are you thinking of begin making your own freshly squeezehomemade juice? But you also feel that an excellent juicer might be too pricey for you?

Don’t worry! There are plenty of best juicers under $100 to extract high-quality fresh juice available for you to select from on the market. Investing in a good juicer is beneficial.

You might be capable of saving money that you’d use to purchase commercial juices by opting to make your fresh and healthy juice in the comfort of your home.

Best Juicers Under $100

Additionally, fresh juice has more nutrient components than commercial juicers, mainly if you utilize a masticating juicer.

It’s a win-win situation only if you manage to obtain an affordable juicer that gets the job done by producing a high yield of healthy and tasty juice.

Whether you’re a beginner to juicing or an enthusiast who has been juicing for years, this is crucial information you need to be aware of if you are looking to save money.

How about we sort through the best Juicer under $100 that will do its job efficiently and competently; best news? Let’s proceed.

Best Masticating Juicers Under $100

When it comes to getting the best but in a low price, Jocuu Masticating Juicer can be the right choice for you.

You should look into this if you’re on a quest to find the best budget masticating juicer.

It ensures high juice quality with maximum nutrition value and taste and takes care of the oxidation factor.

It can be handy…

We like its two-speed setting, which is for hard/soft fruits or hard/soft vegetables. That means no matter what you juice, the juice will be clear and not foamy.

Quiet motor

This cheap juicer will give you the finest grinding with a low noise level though it has a 150-watt motor.

Lifetime technical support…

This slow juicer comes with dishwasher-safe parts, and it has a reverse function, which makes it easy to clean.

The manufacturer backs this juicer with a 4-year motor warranty for the motor and 2-year parts warranty.



If you are thinking of making sorbet, ice cream, smoothies, sugarcane, even baby food, butter, milk then AMZCHEF Cold Press Juicer is the right choice for you.

Say “No” to the plastic auger…

This slow juicer juice up to 90% high yield and also ensures minimal foam, waste, oxidation to serve you the juice with pure taste and maximum nutrient components.

The auger is made of ceramic not plastic which is never going to contaminate.

Makes you smile…

This 150-watt motor juicer is quiet but efficient. It has a function to choose the best speed settings automatically based on the hardness of the vegetables and fruits.

This becomes one of the best countertop juicers by adding 4 anti-slip suction cups on the bottom of the machine.


The reverse function helps it in not clogging and makes it easy to clean. This juicer also comes with dishwasher-safe parts.



Picberm 80 RPM Slow Juicer can be a hard competition in its category. This is a decent juicer with BPA-free materials but under $100.

High juice yield

When it comes to juice quality, this juice extractor preserves maximum nutrient components with a low oxidation rate.

This slow masticating cold press juicer is an excellent choice to enjoy less foamy juice with great taste.

Automatic shutdown feature

This Picberm slow juicer does the job silently but efficiently. This machine comes with a great feature of auto-shutdown in case of overcurrent which prolongs its health.

It also comes with a 3-year warranty and lifelong technical support and customer service.

Thinking of easy juicing!…

In terms of juicing various fruits and vegetables (including leafy greens), such as ginger, celery, oranges, carrots, beets, wheatgrass, grapes, apples, this speed setting is a game-changer.

The reverse function system helps you to clean it easily and promptly.



WOWDSGN Slow Masticating Juicer is the newest turtle in the run of best juicers under 100.

We can vouch for it as the best wheatgrass juicer under $100, and its auger and filter proves it by giving you the healthiest juice without clogging and foaming. Its Plastic parts are also BPA-free.

2-speed settings…

Wow! Two modes! That makes a difference if you want smoother juice, dryer pulp, and maximum juice. It also ensures a rich juice quality.

This juicer backs you with a 5-year warranty, constant technical support, and customer service.

Worth it…

This easy to clean juicer will surprise you with its quietness though it has a powerful 150-watt motor.

The anti-drip function is a bonus for a smoother juicing process.



This cold press juicer ensures fiber in your juice, which can lower your blood sugar and prevent obesity.

Maximum nutrients…

This slow speed juicer consists of a measuring cup, an ingredient pusher and a cleaning brush capable of extracting maximum nutrients and enzymes from fruits and vegetables.

However, the pulp remains dry after the juice squeezed out. What’s more! You will get a large pulp container to collect the pulps for later use.

Only 60 decibels…

This slow juicer is one of the best quiet juicers you can find in the market. However, it has a robust 130-watt motor, but still decent enough in terms of loudness.

It has 2-speed settings to juice any fruits or vegetables like wheatgrass, orange, watermelon, celery, grape, apple, cucumber, carrot, pear, ginger, beet, kale, and more. 

Vertical juicer… 

If you are looking for a vertical juicer to for your your compact kitchen then don’t look elsewhere. The Dash DCSJ255 is the only vertical juicer that’s able to get in our list of best juicers under 100 dollars after meet all our demands. 

The Dash Team uses BPA-free high-quality materials to build this juicer. The manufacturer backs its quality with a 1-year warranty. One of the best cold press juicers? Yes.



Best Centrifugal Juicers Under $100

This Breville JE98XL Compact Juicer is small in size; nonetheless, it’s a heavy-duty-compact stainless steel juicer that competently and efficiently does its job.

Powerful juicer

We can confidently say, Breville JE98XL is a small compact juicer with premium advantages. It has an auger speed of 14000 RPM; this indicates that it’s able to powerfully extract juice from fruits and vegetables in a short time.

One Year Warranty…

Additionally, this centrifugal model includes a short 3-inch feeding chute capable of taking in many ingredients that enable the products to convert into juice quickly taking less preparation time. It also comes with a cleaning brush and one year warranty.

This Breville juicer is the right choice you can pick from if you are on the quest to acquire the best Juicer under $100.



Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer is undoubtedly one of the most popular juicer brands. The organization has an impressive reputation for making high-quality juicers.

We recommend this vertical juicer as the best budget juicer.

Wide feeding chute

This particular Juicer provides a variety of advantages. It has a 3-inch chute that lets you put in as many ingredients as possible thus ensures less prep time. You can put the whole apple in the feed chute, you don’t have to cut it.

Hamilton Beach 67601A Juicer is easy to utilize and assemble, as well.

800 watt powerful motor

Additionally, you’ll be glad to learn that it’s effortless to clean this centrifugal model. You can either hand wash it or use a dishwasher, fabulous, right?

Furthermore, they offer a 3-year limited warranty for Hamilton Beach 67601A Juicer. It doesn’t generate as much power as other juicers; however, it’s an excellent juicer for its price.



The KOIOS Vertical Juicer has a 75 mm wide feed chute that allows you to feed in almost all whole fruits and vegetables, extracting fresh juices out of the products.

It’s possible to slide through a whole apple, and it can change it into a healthy, tasty homemade juice.

Worth it…

This 1000 watt motor juicer can make juice of fruits and veggies no matter how hard it is. This juice machine comes with a 1.1L jug and a 2L pulp collector.

2-Year warranty…

This Aicok Juicer has varying speed levels. You can select from depending on how fast you want the blades to convert your products to a healthy and mouth-watering juice. Its speed ranges from 12000 RPM to 18000RPM.

Lastly, the number one reason you were considering, it’s an inexpensive juicer.



Mueller Austria juicer is a budget-friendly high-speed juicer with a powerful motor. It’s an excellent juicer but under $100.

Wide feeding chute

Its three-inch feed chute is convenient in allowing a lot of ingredients in the Juicer, this is beneficial because you don’t have to spend much time pre-cutting your ingredients.

It also includes a 34oz jug and a 68oz pulp jug; this ensures you’re getting much juice. Mueller Austria juicer is a budget-friendly high-speed juicer with a powerful motor

2-Year warranty…

This centrifugal model has a strong motor of up to 18000 RPM, which can convert your ingredients to juice quickly and efficiently. This dual-speed juicer is capable of squeezing as much as 16oz of juice in just 8 seconds.

Nonetheless, you need to keep in mind, juice extracted from a centrifugal juicer doesn’t have a high shelf life, and you’ll need to consume it as soon as possible.



Numerous customers who purchase the Bagotte compact juice extractor rave about how easy to clean it is.

Nonetheless, you need to weigh in other factors. This particular juicer is efficient and competent in its job. We can’t debate over that!

3-inch wide feeding chute

You can fit a whole apple or whole orange in the feeding chute of this juicer, no pre-cutting needed.

With compact and durable construction this Bagotte Centrifugal juicer becomes one of the best countertop juicers.

Special abilities…

To ensure your safety it has a safety lock and in case of overheating (more than 105 degrees) the motor stops working automatically.

Also if your lid is not placed properly then you will not hear the sweet(!) sound of your juicer.

Enjoy fast juicing…

This vertical juicer has a large feeding chute that allows as many ingredients as possible; this indicates it’s going to take a little while to enjoy your delicious homemade fresh juice.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s simple to clean; additionally, it’s also simple to utilize.



Health Benefits of Juicing

There are numerous rewards once you opt to consume healthy fruits and vegetable juices that you juiced at home.

These results shine through your immune system, your skin, nails, and hair.

Fresh homemade juice from natural fruits and vegetables has a wide variety of benefits. Don’t forget to read my article on How Long Does Fresh Juice Last here.

Here is a listing of the pros and cons of juicing.



Juicing Tips

  1. Go green! Vegetables filled with vitamins and nutrients that serve so many beneficial purposes for your body.
  2. Go organic, cleaning your fruits aids in killing bacteria; however, pesticides and fertilizers remain. You need to look for fruits and vegetables that are labeled organic.
  3. If you’re using a centrifugal juicer to extract juice, consume it immediately before the remaining nutrients disappear.
  4. Don’t throw away the fiber! The fiber in fruits and vegetables serves numerous purposes. If you need the full benefits of the fruits, don’t throw away the pulp. Smoothies are healthier than juices.
  5. Look for DIY ways to ensure your fruits and vegetables don’t go bad fast. For example, you can avoid mold on your berries by rinsing them with berries. You can as well store your bananas in the freezer to make them last longer. Additionally, you can sprinkle lemon juice on your avocado to avoid it turning into blackish.
  6. Consume homemade juice as your first meal of the day, especially green juice.
  7. Don’t consume juice if you have a yeast problem in your body. Wait until it’s gone.

My Favorite Juicing Recipe

I’m obsessed with berries; obviously, a juice that contains a mixture of berries is my favorite! First things first you’ll need frozen berries or fresh berries; I prefer frozen.


  • A cup of frozen mixed berries of your choice
  • A cup of frozen banana
  • 2 cups of milk

Put all the ingredients in a juicer of your choice; wait until all the juice squeezed out. Pour in a tall glass and enjoy.

Banana and milk are high in protein; you can use this as an after workout juice.

Also, learn to use the leftover juice pulp to reduce food waste. You can make nutritious and tasty recipes with the leftover pulp.

Why get a juicer under $100?

However, if you’re enthusiastic about living a healthy lifestyle, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a juicer. It’s an excellent decision first to try out juicing with an affordable juicer.

Juicing experience under $100…

Juicing has gained a lot of popularity throughout the years. Everyone is trying to switch to a more natural way to ensure they’re consuming more fruits and vegetables.

Not everyone can afford an expensive juicer that costs $200 to $1000, everyone who wants to try out juicing, no matter their financial reach, should reap benefits from juicing.

Budget juicer, yet quality juice

That is why getting a budget-friendly is essential; it’s able to cater to everyone’s health and financial needs.

And this is why we suggest you look into these juicers to acquire the best Juicer under $100 that’s most suitable for you.

Buying Guide

If you’re on a quest to obtain the best Juicer under $100, I’ve got you covered. If you’re a juicing beginner and you need to find an affordable juicer, to begin with then, I have you covered as well.

Nonetheless, price shouldn’t be the only factor you take into account. Below are more factors you ought to consider before buying a juicer.

Masticating Juicers Vs Centrifugal Juicers

Masticating Juicer
s, also known as slow juices, are true to their name; they are very slow and need preparation, such as pre-cutting the ingredients.

Need a pre-cut..

Immediately the ingredients pass through the chute; there’s an auger that slowly grinds the ingredients. A maximum amount of juice will extract from the pulp.

No pre-cutting… 

Centrifugal Juicers, on the other hand, work faster compared to Masticating juicers. They have a big chute that lets you put in as many ingredients as possible without pre-cutting.

Depending on Juicer’s brand, some are even able to complete juicing in a matter of seconds.

No oxidation… 

Masticating Juicers are slow. This slow speed enables oxidation and heat build-up not to occur, which ensures the enzymes don’t die out, making the end product highly nutritious.

The juice extracted by a masticating juicer has a longer shelf life compared to the juice extracted by a centrifugal juicer.

Low nutrition level…

Due to the Centrifugal juicer‘s high speed, the heat produced during the process and oxidation can occur. This causes the enzymes to become inactive, omitting almost all the nutritional value from its juice.

Once you use a centrifugal juicer to squeeze out the juice, you’ll need to drink it as soon as possible, or else it’ll go bad.


Masticating juicer
s in Layman’s terms simply means a slow juicer. They grind the ingredients that you pass through the chute, and in the end, you obtain fresh, nutritious, quality juice.

Masticating for leafy vegetables

Haven’t we mentioned earlier? About the best budget masticating Juicer! Which is the Jocuu Slow Masticating Juicer Machine!

You can look into it and decide whether it’s the best masticating Juicer under $100.


Most of these juicers are much cost-friendly; they range from $20 to $200. Nonetheless, we’ve covered a lot of Centrifugal juicers under $100.

Let’s talk about Centrifugal Juicers.

Fast and efficient…

Centrifugal juicer is a juicing machine that extracts juice from fruits and vegetables at high speed.

Some brands can take only 8 seconds to finish the task; this is fast and efficient and best for people who don’t like doing a lot of work.

Also, don’t forget to read my article Juicing Vs. Blending here.

Ease of Cleaning

The cost of a juicer can’t be the only factor you weigh whenever you’re anticipating purchasing a juicer. The ease of cleaning this particular machine is a significant factor to consider.

This is because after buying the Juicer, you don’t want a few days later you are already complaining because of how hard it is to clean.

Easy to assemble… 

Masticating juicers are simple to disassemble and clean. Furthermore, a variety of masticating juicers come with an auto cleaner that’s able to limit pulp from building up.

Hard to disassemble…

On the other hand, centrifugal juicers can take some time, but it’s not difficult to disassemble. Lastly, most centrifugal juicers can be cleaned with a dishwasher.

Juice Extraction Efficiency

This factor is very crucial, as well. How a Juicer is capable of squeezing juice from fruits and vegetables should be taken into consideration.

That’s if you want to end up choosing a juicer that does its job efficiently and competently.

Powerful motor, quality juicing…

This factor can depend on the power of the motor built in a juicer, whether it’s Centrifugal or Masticating.

Which Juicer should you get?

Every individual has different needs, different budgets, and different routines. You ought to get a juicer that corresponds with all these factors. It’s totally up to you.

In a hurry!!!…

For instance, you might be a busy individual who works all day. Nonetheless, you need to make homemade juice because it guarantees more intake of fruits and vegetables.

If that’s your situation, you need to choose a Centrifugal Juicer because it’s fast.

Juicing experience

Another example is you’re a newcomer to this whole juicing thing that everyone keeps suggesting.

You decide you want to try it out, however, since you’re new to it. You aren’t sure if it will serve all your health needs.

We suggest you check out the Jocuu Cold Press Juice Extractor because it comes with a recipe book and my choice for the best cold press juicer under $100.

Moreover, don’t forget to read my reviews on Best Omega Juicer  here, if you are willing to raise your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Does juice help to lose weight?

Depending on the selection of fruits and vegetables you pick from, you’ll be able to lose weight while juicing.

However, you’ll first need to research juice recipes that are good for losing weight. Once you gather them, you can try them out with your Juicer.

Nonetheless, juicing isn’t an elixir that will instantly lose weight; you’ll have to incorporate other practices.

Does Juicing consist of fiber?

The answer depends on whether you’re juicing everything on your fruits and vegetables, and not omitting anything. Juices are separated from the pulp; this means that they don’t have fiber.

However, Smoothies have fiber incorporated in them.

Does juice an energy source?

Yes. Fresh juice has nutrients and vitamins incorporated in them. Depending on the ingredients you juice, this is possible.

All you have to do is to select fruits rich in vitamin D, which contains dopamine.

How long does fresh juice last?

Technically, fresh juice should only last between hours to a day. You should have juice straight away. However, juice that is squeezed by a masticating juicer is capable of lasting up to 72 hours.

You also should acquire the best juice storage containers available in the market to store the juice for longer shelf life.

What vegetables should not be juiced?

Kale, Spinach, and broccoli, however, other people still make juices with these vegetables.

What is the point of juicing?

There are numerous advantages to juicing. The main one is you get to maximize your fruits and vegetable intake.

Furthermore, it’s highly nutritious compared to commercial juices. If you’re into living a healthy lifestyle, you should look into juicing.

Final Verdict

As you have learned, you don’t always have to buy a juicer that costs a fortune. There’s a wide variety of affordable juicers to select from.

However, before making that choice, you should narrow down on other factors as well. Price should be the only reason you weigh in; this will enable you to wind up with an affordable juicer that’s most beneficial to you.

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